Agreement (ToS, SLA, AUP)

Prospective customers or customers of BOC Indonesia, must read and agree to this Service Agreement before ordering, or who have received service. This Service Agreement contains Service Policy (Term of Service), Service Level Agreement (Service Level Agreement), Service Use Policy (Acceptable Use Policy) and other rules between BOC Indonesia as a web hosting provider company, domain name, SSL, web development with customers.

CHAPTER 1. Ordering and Invoicing The BOC Products

  1. BOC Indonesia products are web hosting, domain name, SSL, VPS and web development.
  2. Customers must order domain name, web hosting, SLL and VPS products through the order system (Billing System) that has been provided by BOC Indonesia.
  3. Bills (invoices) will be sent by the Billing System automatically to customers' emails.
  4. BOC Indonesia will activate the product within 5 minutes to a maximum of 12 hours after the payment confirmed.
  5. Product activation will be emailed to the customer. The customer's email address is the one listed in the Billing System database.
  6. An invoice for products renewal will be sent to the e-mail, so the customer must ensure that the e-mail is active.
  7. The payment receipt will be sent as digital data to the customer's email. Meanwhile, to get a paper receipt, customers are allowed to visit the Indonesian BOC office or send it by post.

CHAPTER 2. Domain Name Services

  1. Type of the products and services can be seen on the domain name page.
  2. Domain names are owned by customers with ownership contracts of one year or more depending on the payment period.
  3. Domain names that have been registered cannot be modified or refunded.
  4. Customers are able to manage domain name facilities (WHOIS, Privacy Protection, Lock management, DNS management, and EPP Code / Transfer Authorization Code) through the client area in the BOC billing system. These facilities have their own policies in the provision listed on the website.
  5. Some of Indonesian Domain names requires a verification process from the Indonesian Internet Domain Provider (PANDI) institution, with a verification period of 1-3 working days. Verification conditions are also affected by the completeness of customer data.
  6. Domain name ownership can be transferred to another party. This is with the agreement of the previous customer by providing a transfer statement via e-mail according to the initial registration.
  7. Other parties can extend the domain name by making a payment to BOC Indonesia, even though the domain name belongs to BOC Indonesia's customers. Domain name ownership information still belongs to BOC Indonesia's customers, according to the database in the Billing System. The other party will be placed in secondary contact in the Billing System which is only authorized to extend the domain name.
  8. BOC Indonesia has an auto reminder system 30 days before the expiry of the domain name. The system will send a notification email to the customer. However, customers are still required to know the expiration period of their domain name. If there is no payment for the extension, then we consider the customer to be negligent.
  9. BOC Indonesia is not responsible if the domain name has expired due to negligence or intentional customers who do not not extend the validity period. There is extra financing after the expiration of the domain name. However, BOC Indonesia does not guarantee that the domain name can be returned. Read the domain name expiration status information.
  10. BOC Indonesia has a policy to extend certain domain names belonging to customers who have expired and saved before entering the Redemption Grace Period due to consideration of the value of the domain name. Customers can still own and use the domain name for a fee determined by Indonesian BOC.
  11. BOC Indonesia registers customer domain names through Indonesian and international registrars. BOC Indonesia will abide by the registrar's rules for all kinds of actions due to abuse done intentionally or not by the customer.
  12. BOC Indonesia will provide technical assistance to customers whose identities are in accordance with the database in the billing system.

CHAPTER 3. Web Hosting Services

  1. Type of products and services can be seen on the web hosting page: busines hosting, corporate hosting, and VPS.
  2. The web hosting account belongs to the customer with a contract ownership period within a certain time depending on the payment period.
  3. In order of creating stability and security of the web server in general and for special needs related to the customer's account, BOC is authorized to enter the customer's control panel and take the necessary actions.
  4. Activities that are prohibited for customers in utilizing web hosting products are :
    1. Customers are prohibited from damaging / replacing the contents of the data and configuration of the Indonesian BOC server.
    2. Customers are prohibited from using the Indonesian BOC server for activities contrary to the laws in force in Indonesia or the law stipulated in the jurisdiction of the customer's residence, or the law that applies to the place where the BOC server is located. Customers also prohibited to enter / damage / replace the contents of the data and server system configuration belongs to another party.
    3. Customers are prohibited from using the BOC servers for hosting pornography, craking, SARA, insulting (based on religion, race ethnicity, political view, certain groups), violations of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), violations of the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act), piracy material (Mp3, Songs, Videos, Films, Computer Programs), material that is and is in any form of gambling (online betting, gambling, lottery predictions), material that is fraudulent / misuse of certain brands / companies / individuals by providing false information for personal gain (Scam), damaging programs (Warez, Crack, Hacks, Trojans, Viruses) or other things that are against the law.
    4. Customers are prohibited for running background processes (programs that run on the server) and server daemons such as Proxy Script, IRC bot / Chat program, Eggdrop, BNC, IRC server, rc5des, Java Chat Server, and it's similiar.
    5. Prohibited to install cronjob / regularly scheduled processes in less than 15 minutes.
    6. Customers are prohibited for running excessive programs (using a lot of memory and CPU resources) which can disturb the stability of the BOC server. If there is excessive activity and threatens the performance of the web server, the BOC server system will automatically limit the excessive use. However, if it continues to threaten the stability of the web server, BOC Indonesia has the right to take tactical actions to maintain stability by temporarily suspended, even by eliminating program functions accompanied by notifications to customers through social media (Twitter, Facebook) or blogs and or email.
    7. Customers are prohibited using servers, email, and networks to conduct Spamming, Spamvertising, Spoofing, Trolling, Mailbombing, Search Engine cloacking, Creating Affiliate Sites / Referral Programs, e-MLM, network marketing, HYIP (High Yield Investment Program), Ponzi / Pyramid Scheme / Money Game, Scam Site, Use of PHP SHELL, Hacking, Cracking, Theft and burglary of data, and it's similar.
    8. Customers are prohibited leaving the website unsecured (program version / security is not updated).
    9. BOC Indonesia operates a lot of web servers on datacenter companies in Indonesia and international. BOC Indonesia will abide by the rules of the datacenter company for all kinds of actions due to misuse (abuse) carried out intentionally or not by the customer.
  5. BOC Indonesia is not responsible for the programming version of the customer's website. Update program activities such as CMS (Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, etc.) are the customer's responsibility.
  6. BOC Indonesia is not responsible for the configuration settings of files and databases resulting from requests for modification / change of web hosting accounts to another domain name.
  7. BOC Indonesia will provide technical assistance to customers whose identities are in accordance with the database in the billing system.
  8. BOC Indonesia customers are entitled to a tiered web hosting discount program. The discount terms and conditions are set on the tiered Web Hosting Discount page.

CHAPTER 4. Web Development Services

  1. Customers receive domain name and web hosting services, where the terms of use and services are as stated on this agreement page.
  2. Website facilities and services are regulated separately in the contract agreement sheet.
  3. BOC Indonesia is obliged to ensure that the customer's website remains online on the internet according to the contract's validity period.
  4. In the making of the website, BOC Indonesia will provide a schedule for project implementation (timeframe).
  5. Website project steps will be explained in the website proposal.

CHAPTER 5. Additional Technical Services

  1. BOC Indonesia has provided tutorial facilities for providing domain name and web hosting services.
  2. Technical assistance in domain name and web hosting services is consultancy between BOC Indonesia and customers.
  3. Technical activities in managing domain names and web hosting must be done by the customer themselves, including: changing DNS and domain name management in general, uploading website files, POP3 / SMTP settings, database settings and uploading, managing emails, installing website programs, and Cpanel / WHM management in general.
  4. Domain name and web hosting technical activities that are submitted to BOC Indonesia will be charged the amount according to the agreement between BOC Indonesia and the customer.
  5. BOC Indonesia does not serve web hosting modifications with other domain names after a period of 30 days from the time of the initial purchase of web hosting.
  6. BOC Indonesia does not service domain name transfers from other companies with expired periods of less than 7 days.
  7. BOC Indonesia does not provide technical assistance or paid services to websites that contain elements of gambling (facilitator or prediction), pornography, drugs, drugs and other negative things that are detrimental.

CHAPTER 6. Data Security and Copyright

  1. BOC Indonesia maintains the confidentiality of personal data, communications, identity information, files and databases belonging to customers and does not give it to other parties who are irrelevant.
  2. BOC Indonesia is not responsible for the content of customer websites. The customer is entirely responsible for the content of his website.
  3. Data copyrights, whether text, images, video and audio are the property of the customer.
  4. BOC Indonesia does not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the contents of the Customer's website.
  5. BOC Indonesia is not responsible for the effects/impact caused by the contents of the customer's website.
  6. BOC Indonesia has the right as a facilitator for the other party over the issue of copyright claims where the other party can file an objection by making a statement that is responsible and in accordance with applicable law in Indonesia.
  7. If there is any evidence of copyright infringement by the customer, the other party has the right to submit a settlement in a logical consultation.
  8. Customers are required to carry out regular data backups, even though BOC Indonesia has provided backup facilities in Cpanel. Here the tutorial how to backup data.
  9. BOC Indonesia is not responsible for data loss due to customer negligence, but BOC Indonesia will try to try to restore (restore) with the last backup.
  10. In unusual cases, due to damage to natural hardware such as HDD bad sectors, BOC Indonesia will try to restore data from weekly / monthly backup data.
  11. BOC Indonesia cannot refund if natural disasters occur, internet network breaks, natural hardware damage (such as bad HDD sector, RAM failure, etc.), customer negligence, or anything that is undesirable, and also cannot be asked again for any reason if the customer cancels the contract unilaterally beyond the 30 day warranty period.

CHAPTER 7. Transfer of Product Ownership

  1. Domain name and web hosting services belonging to customers can be transferred to other parties by giving notice to BOC Indonesia.
  2. The transfer request is sent via email according to the customer's identity in the member area or whois domain name.
  3. In the event of a claim from another party for copyright and ownership reasons, the relevant party must send a stamped statement letter or official proof (transaction receipt / contract letter) to BOC Indonesia. The ownership verification process takes between 1-5 days. If there is no response from the initial registrant, the product will be transferred to the party concerned.
  4. If there is a dispute over the claim, BOC Indonesia will fully submit the decision of the authorities, namely the mediation result of the police or judicial decision.
  5. During the dispute claim period, we will lock the relevant product service and continue as it should, until the issuance of a resolution decision from the police or justice.
  6. Other parties can have a domain name that has paid the renewal fee for 2 years consecutive. This happens if the Indonesian BOC customer who is the initial owner of the domain name cannot be contacted again and does not make renewal payments for 2 consecutive years. The other party that pays will be placed in secondary contact for 2 years and only has the power to renew the domain name.
  7. BOC Indonesia will not obstruct customers' decisions if they want to move their domain name and web hosting to another party's company. BOC Indonesia will help to make the process successful. After the domain name and web hosting are transferred, the next status is BOC Indonesia has no technical and administrative responsibilities to the customer concerned.

CHAPTER 8. Products Elimination Policy

  1. Domain name that have been registered by customers at BOC Indonesia, can be deactivated or required to be replaced, or their usage is canceled if there are cases of copyright infringement or trademark violations, or there are other cases that can cause the domain name to be in trouble issue.
  2. If the customer does not do a web hosting renewal contract (transfer fund to BOC), BOC Indonesia do a suspension for 30 days. The rest (more than 30 days) the web hosting account will be terminated/deleted.
  3. During the suspended period, customers can request data backups in the web hosting account for an additional fee of Rp. 250,000 / account.
  4. Expired domain names will have certain periods, namely the renewal grace period, the redemption grace period and the deletion period will then be available again. Those times have their own funding.

CHAPTER 9. Affiliate Policy

  1. The affiliate program does not apply to the BOC Indonesia team.
  2. Commission for a product will be settled 30 days after the last transaction was made. This relates to the 30 day money back guarantee period.
  3. Affiliate members are entitled to a 20% discount on web hosting products if they have referred 5 active transactions.
  4. Affiliate members are prohibited from conducting transactions that generate affiliate commissions for their own products at BOC Indonesia. An affiliate commission commission will be canceled if proven to do this.

CHAPTER 10. Refund Policy

  1. Customers can request a refund with the following conditions:
    1. Payment error (Wrong transfer, excess transfer).
    2. Order cancellation from BOC side (if the service product has not been activated because there is a violation in the service rules).
    3. Cancellation of orders from the consumer side if the service product has not been activated or the requirements on certain products (for example document domain name requirements) can not be fulfilled.
  2. Customers make refund requests at the latest than 30 calendar days after payment is made. If more than 30 days the payment will go to the credit / account deposit.
  3. BOC Indonesia will verify, and if the process is approved, a refund will be made.
  4. Refunds can only be made using the same payment methods as those made by the Customer.
  5. Customers are required to submit data as follows:
    1. Proof of payment.
    2. Invoice number.
    3. Customer's full name.
    4. Phone number.
    5. Email.
    6. Payment method.
    7. Bank account number.
  6. The minimum amount of funds that can be refunded is IDR 100,000 (before deduction - if any). If it is below IDR 100,000, it will be automatically entered into DEPOSIT.
  7. DEPOSIT funds cannot be transferred away for any reason
  8. Payment via bank transfer, Paypal, Alfamart / Indomaret / Doku Wallet can be refunded to the customer's bank account after deducting transaction costs.
  9. The administrative fees for refunds under the payment method are as follows:
    1. Bank (BCA and Mandiri) : IDR. 5.000
    2. Other bank in Indonesia : IDR. 10.000
    3. Credit card : IDR. 20.000
    4. Alfamart and Indomaret : IDR. 5.000
    5. Doku wallet : 2.1% + IDR. 5000
    6. Paypal : 5%
  10. Refund processing time is 7-14 working days.

CHAPTER 11. Cancellation and Termination of Services

  1. The web hosting service has a 30-day warranty period, which is a money back guarantee if the customer wants to cancel the use of the web hosting account.
  2. A 30-day money back guarantee does not apply if the customer's website violates the Indonesian BOC Service Rules.
  3. The 30 day refund refund only applies to hosting fees after deducting bank administration fees and fees other than hosting, such as: VAT, domain fees, and SSL are non-refundable.
  4. BOC Indonesia does not accept web hosting refunds exceeding the 30 day warranty period.
  5. Processing time for a 30 day refund guarantee is 7-14 business days.
  6. Customers are required to transfer their own domain name and web hosting services to other parties.
  7. BOC Indonesia is not responsible and does not return rent related to service products if :
    1. Violation.
    2. Things that are not in accordance with the service agreement.
    3. Natural disasters and internet network outages.

This agreement is written using terms commonly used in the field of Internet and Computer Communication, and is fully understood by BOC Indonesia and Customers. As technology and services develop, BOC Indonesia has the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

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