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BOC Indonesia as a brand under the business entity CV. Bali Orange Communications, was established on 25 August 2003 in Denpasar - Bali. The business entity also manage brands BOC Digital and DONGKRAK Academy.

BOC Indonesia formerly well known as Bali Orange Communications brand that provides web design in Bali. The market demand for web hosting and domain name were increased when formerly using until the year of 2013. (Whois The result of market investigation based on our database shown that clients are not only in Bali. We found that 75% clients are from all over Indonesia, serving personal, students, organization, government, small medium enterprise until corporation. So at the founder discretion, is re-branding to BOC Indonesia since 2013 with the official website (whois).

BOC's operational base is in Bali serves customers from all over Indonesia and internationally, with a range of international standard products and services. This cannot be separated from the stretching of the economy in Bali which involved foreign citizens as well. With internet technology, geographical obstacles can be overcome easily.

The BOC team is able to operate web development application programs, web administrators (Linux, Windows, Cpanel / WHM) and digital marketing. BOC web servers are located in Jakarta, Singapore and the USA, ensuring the client's digital assets remain stay online 24 hours in the internet.

Visi Misi BOC oleh Founder BOC
The Founder

Vission & Mission BOC Indonesia


Be the foundation of a world-class productive online communication facilitator and an inspiration for Indonesian generations.


  • Provide international standard online equipment and facilities for customers.
  • Creating comfortable conditions in creativity for the internal interests of the company and customers.
  • Become a strategic partner of customers in utilizing high-value information technology.
  • Sharing information technology with society.
  • Be the largest and high quality domain name and web hosting provider company in Indonesia, and creating benefit for the society.


Worldwide Communications for The People.

BOC is capable as a company that ensures customer communication through information technology throughout the world.

BOC Indonesia's Logo & Legality

An orange image with green leaves, glasses and smiles. Copyright The BOC logo is registered at the Indonesian Ministry of Law and Human Rights No. C00201000863

The meaning of the logo :

  • The stalk symbolizes the roots of history. BOC does not forget the history of life, and continually works to create new history in present and future life.
  • Green leaves symbolize nature and the environment. BOC always believes that the journey of life depends also on the balance of nature and the environment.
  • Orange colour symbolizes the joy of life. BOC always instills happiness in life by thinking positive, happy and cheerful.
  • Orange fruit symbolizes physical and mental health. BOC will always maintain the balance of body and soul to stay healthy through life.
  • Glasses symbolize perspective and mindset. BOC lives in the current of globalization, glasses serve as a filter to the negative effects of globalization.
  • Smiling symbolizes identity. BOC always faces all challenges of life with a smile.

Download BOC Indonesia Logo

Please download the BOC Indonesia logo for sponsorship, affiliation, or purposes related to us. PDF Format (multi background) | PNG Format.

BOC Indonesia Legalities

Industrial visit to BOC Indonesia

In accordance with the vision of BOC Indonesia to be an inspiration for the nation's generation, students and students from SMKs and Universities and Colleges can visit the BOC Indonesia office. Since 2012, BOC Indonesia has been known as a place to visit the IT industry in Bali. Please visit BOC Indonesia, open for the benefit of the Indonesian generation.

Logo BOC Indonesia



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